Beder Institute for Research and Development-BIRD- is a non-partisan research, training and consultancy institute that was part of Beder Center for Future Studies and Consultancy (BCFC) which was established in the year 2008, BCFC had lucky enough not to come in ease and emotion, but to came as result of very profound effort from mind of scholar Sh/Dr. Abdilqani Hussein Mahamed, a very unique Aalim (scholar) of PhD in Islamic Financial Engineering aimed to provide quality and excellent education in one hand and to conduct exploratory, analytical and applied researches in region and continuously capacitate the skills of decision makers in both public and Private sector and all other development based institutions via streamlined trainings and consultancy on the other hand.

With the help of strong management and knowledge driven operations BCFC created good name in the society, national and international partners and became the center of professionals in very short life span, presently BCFC moved step forward and won to establish public university named Beder International University (BIU) which offers different fields of studies and BIRD which was functional department of BCFC being made the research institute of Beder International University( BIU) with independent management and to serve as premier research institute in Somaliland and in the region as well.

Under BCFC, BIRD made a remarkable progress and achievement towards social development in the areas of research, training and consultancies, amongst notable researches been conducted was a descriptive research on “ Hargeisa Local Municipality Operation in Hargeisa Main Streets” and now it is on the way for its foreseeable bright future and realization of preset vision and goals.

In another hand, BIRD offers need suited training programs in variety fields of study to enhance professionalism and generalism for its customers along with specially customized courses to respond organizational needs.

Apart from research and trainings, BIRD also provides technical and Sharia compliant advisory to strengthen stakeholder’s capacity in Micro-Finance, Islamic Banking, Leadership and Strategic Management.

Likewise, BIRD holds debates and discussion in very sensitive cases and allows community to express their feeling about any social mattering issues by creating harmonized venues in which panel can came up with common solutions to address their problems.


  1. Creating long lasting records based on reliable research in the region
  2. To take the lead of professional training institutions in the horn of Africa
  3. to be recognized as a center of capacity Development by development stakeholders


  1. Carrying out in-depth and reliable research on education, environment, economy and health
  2. Provision of extensive and progressive training and consultancy to public and private organizations
  3. Exploring business opportunity and paving investment path flows for any potential investor.


  1. To envision scientific researches in different aspects of life to find out everlasting solutions
  2. Providing professional trainings to the business, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the society as whole
  3. Provision of progressive consultancy in different aspects for organizational development.


  • Honest
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Equality
  • ethics and
  • professionalism.

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