The Certified Islamic Banker - CIB

The certified Islamic Banker aims at improving the capabilities and skills of the staff in the Islamic finance and banking sector. It is available to all those who work in Islamic banks and finance and investment organizations and meets their various professional levels, and seeks to equip its holders with the sound and integrated foundations and bases of the Islamic banking industry. It also provides them with the professional knowledge and expertise and the proper banking applications, and enables them a straightforward and steady start toward an array of career options.

The Certificate of The Program:

CIB certificate is an international certificate that will issued by the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions ( CIBAFI) which is based in Bahrain. It is an international non-profit organization, a common umbrella for the banking and Islamic financial institutions of the world.

Program Contents:

  1. Introduction to Islamic financial Transactions.
  2. Islamic Banking System.
  3. Islamic Finance Transactions.
  4. Islamic investment Transactions.
  5. Sharia Supervisory Boards.

Presenting by:

Dr.Abdulbari Mash’al

  • PhD degree in Islamic economics.
  • Raqaba Founder and Manager in UK.
  • Expert in Shari’a Audit.
  • Expert in Shari’a Consultation.
  • Accredited trainer by many international professional and educational entities
  • Member of the Shari'a Standards Committees - AAOIFI
  • Chairman of the Shari'a Board of many financial institutions.


Note: After the completion of the Training there is an exam paper,and CIB program  have both options to register whole program and exam only with 50% of the program fee.

Program Details:

Training Hours: 25hour




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