Professional Diploma in Islamic Banking:

This program contains a package of six courses below:

  1. Islamic financial Transactions and Banking.
  2. Islamic Banking Operations.
  3. Accounting For Islamic Banking Institutions.
  4. Fiqh Zakah and its Applications.
  5. Islamic Micro-finance.
  6. Takaful- Islamic Insurance.

Program Details:

Importance of the Program:-

  • These packages are important for anyone who wants to gain knowledge about the financial system in Islam.
  • These packages will enable you to acquire the skills necessary to get a job easily, create a successful business, or develop a business that already existed.
  • After completing any of these packages you will receive a certificate of the program that is "certificate of Participation".
  • Anyone who completes all packages will receive certificate in which all packages studied are written in it, that is: Professional Diploma in Islamic Banking.

Beneficiaries of these programs:-

These programs are designed to:

  • Anyone interested in developing their knowledge in this field.
  • Traders who want to correct and improve their business and financial transactions.
  • Students and graduates of various universities who want to increase their abilities in creating jobs.
  • Managers and employees of various commercial companies, especially remittances, banks, investment bodies, and any entity having a relationship in financial, economic and financing matters.

Duration of the Program and Study:-

  • It is not obligatory to take the package of these programs together, but the person can study the program he wants to complete all the software packages in a year.
  • Any program will be allocated for specific and sufficient hours to cover the program.
  • The trainee will receive a training certificate after completion of the program in question.
  • Any of these programs consist of 12 training hours.


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