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As a visitor, you will find all the important information you need for your visit to the fair here: travel and parking options, information on accessibility, details of cloakrooms and lockers, shuttle services and much more. Our service team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Cloakroom and lockers

Cloakrooms and lockers are available in Foyer Entrance East, Foyer Entrance West, Foyer Entrance South and Foyer Central Entrance.

The cloakroom including luggage is free of charge. Lockers are available in two different sizes: 27 x 50 cm (WxH) or 56 x 50 cm (WxH), on payment of EUR 1.00 per locker. Please note: coins required. In case of questions please go to the information desk located in each entrance.

The Cloakrooms are open from one hour before the official opening hours until one hour after the official closing hours. Contents of suitcases, bags and clothes are not covered by insurance. Please also check the general terms and conditions on-site.


Infocounters are available here:

  • Foyer Entrance East, Tel. +49 40 3569-6399
  • Foyer Entrance Central, EG, Tel. +49 40 3569-6599
  • Foyer Entrance South, Tel. +49 40 3569-6499
  • Foyer Entrance West, Tel. +49 40 3569-6299


WIFI on the exhibition grounds

With your WIFI-enabled device you can now surf the exhibition grounds free of charge.

WLAN on the exhibition grounds - markus spiske unplash

Information for visitors with reduced mobility

All information for visitors with reduced mobility (parking spaces, WC, lifts,...) can be found here.

[Translate to EN:] Informationen für Besucher mit eingeschränkter Mobilität

Eating and drinking

There’s something for every appetite – from small snacks to complete business meals. You can indulge in culinary treats at the Hamburg Fair site.

HMC catering



Many roads lead to SMM. Choose yours - we will give you all the important information you need.

Shuttle Services

Relaxed to the SMM: We offer various shuttle services to make your arrival and stay as pleasant as possible: the SMM Ground Shuttle, the SMM Parking Shuttle and the SMM Hotel Shuttle.