Review 2022: Inspiration, exchange, opportunities

More than a trade fair: The SMM offers you a diverse program in the form of workshops, symposia and congresses. You can look forward to international greats from the maritime industry as speakers. Get to know the leading forces of the maritime industry personally and exchange your ideas and experiences in a unique environment. Discover for yourself why visitors from all over the world come to Hamburg especially for these events.

SMM Conference

SMM’s high-profile conferences provide an ideal platform to exchange thoughts on the maritime industry’s pressing topics.

At the Maritime Future Summit, thought leaders share their views on digitalization and its impact on the maritime industry. With IMO’s 2030 and 2050 climate ambitions calling for effective desulphurisation and decarbonisation strategies, the gmec – global maritime environmental congress highlights progress and challenges on the way towards zero emissions.

Offshore Dialogue provides the frame for discussing the sustainable exploitation of marine resources. And MS&D – the international conference on maritime security and defence will concentrate on the challenges of keeping pace with a wide range of operational requirements.

TradeWinds Shipowners Forum will take a close look at the changing face of shipping and focuses in particular on the financing, ownership and operation of ships in a free webinar.

Exciting lectures and relaxed networking

The Transition Stages are the perfect meeting place for all industry experts who want to drive forward the transition oft he maritime industry.

On our stages "Green Stage" (hall A4), "Open Stage" (hall B2.OG), "Cruise & Ferry Stage" (hall B5) and "Digital & Security Stage" (hall B6) the trade conferences, several stage sessions and short exhibitor presetations take place. The Transition Stages are the centre for innovative concepts and solutions on key topics of SMM 2024. Each day the stage will close with our networking format Wine O’Clock. All speeches and sessions are open to SMM 2024 attendees and free of charge.

You will find the programme of the Transition Stages 2024 in good time before the event.